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My PhD Blog Stats 2008 – and Happy New Year December 31, 2008

Posted by Malene Charlotte Larsen in Academic, Blog.
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Today “My PhD Blog” can celebrate its second birthday. Exactly two years ago I started blogging about my PhD project and interrelated subjects. So far this has resulted in 90 posts and more than 300 comments, which is okay. (This year I have been less active than in 2007.)

Originally, I created this blog “in order to keep track of my thoughts, my work, my inspiration, my ideas and my research“, which I think I have succeeded in. However, looking back I can see that I am also blogging a lot about topics related to youth and online social networking in general (which I guess is also empirical data).

At this point I have exactly one year left of my PhD scholarship. That also means that 2009 will be devoted to writing my dissertation. I still plan to blog now and then and I hope that the blog can be useful in what will undoubtedly be a frustrating and tough process from time to time…

Happy New Year to all readers of “My PhD Blog”!

And here are some momentary stats from the blog:


Guest-blogging at Nettendenser December 19, 2008

Posted by Malene Charlotte Larsen in Blogs, Social network sites, Youth.

For a while I have been wanting to keep a blog in Danish. However, I must admit that I do not have the time to maintain two blogs. Therefore, I was happy when Lars Damgaard Nielsen asked me to be a guest-blogger at his interesting blog called Nettensender. It is a Danish blog about the social aspects of the internet.

Today my first guest article was posted. It deals with how young people feel about grown-ups’ attitudes towards their use of social network sites. Here is a small extract from the post (in Danish):

Der er nok af holdninger til emnet ’unge og sociale netværk’, og perspektiverne er mangfoldige. De unge selv er ganske trætte af de panik-/skræmmehistorier om især pædofili/børnelokkeri, som de seneste fem år har været fremme i de danske nyhedsmedier, og som ofte over en kam fremstiller de unge brugere som ansvars- og hjælpeløse ofre.

You can read the post directly at Nettendenser here.

Christmas on Facebook December 9, 2008

Posted by Malene Charlotte Larsen in Facebook, Social Networking.
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nissepus-to-blog-postIn e-Learning Lab we have as Christmas garden gnome with the name ‘Ell Nissepus’. Last year one of my colleagues created a Facebook profile for her, and during December Nissepus posted status updates about the upcoming Christmas party etc. This year Nissepus is alive again and some of us take turns to update the profile with Christmassy stuff and write to our colleagues.

Last week I was interviewed by the Danish newspaper B.T. about Christmas activities on social network sites like Facebook. I happened to mention Ell Nissepus, which the journalist found so interesting that he decided to mention her in the article (which was published today) as an example of how users can creatively use Facebook to create social bonds during the holiday season.

Even though I am strongly against fake profiles, I think this is okay as it is obvious that e-Learning Lab is behind the profile. And it is a nice Christmas gag around the office.

Feel free to friend ‘Ell Nissepus‘. I’m sure she will like the attention 😀

Update December 12: Today there is an online version of the B.T. article in which Nissepus is mentioned.

Podcasts from e-Learning Lab December 8, 2008

Posted by Malene Charlotte Larsen in e-Learning Lab, Podcasts.

e-Learning LabI just wanted to share with you the opportunity of  subscribing to podcasts from the research center e-Learning Lab (which is where I am physically located at Aalborg Uiversity).

The latest podcast is an interview with famous ‘Communities of Practice’-father and independent researcher Etienne Wenger, in which he talks about his upcoming book ‘Digital habitats: stewarding technology for communities‘. Etienne also talks a little bit about Facebook and the role of communities.

You can listen to the interview by subscribing to our podcasts or you can download the interview directly here.

Top 100 Anthropology Blogs December 8, 2008

Posted by Malene Charlotte Larsen in Anthropology, Blogs.

A couple of days ago I received an e-mail from Online Universities.com informing me that they just published an article that lists the “Top 100 Anthropology Blogs”. In the article they write:

It doesn’t matter if you’re studying capuchins in South America or the social interactions in American college bars, there is a blogger out there who shares your interests. University students, academics, professors and those who just love anthropology have helped to create a great assortment of online discourse about the field. We’ve compiled a list of 100 that are definitely worth a read.

I was happy to learn that ‘My PhD Blog’ was also included in the list under the section ‘Linguistic, Media and Communication’. It is number 66.

Check out the top 100 list here. I’m sure it encompasses many useful links when it comes to fieldwork and ethnography.