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My PhD Blog Stats 2008 – and Happy New Year December 31, 2008

Posted by Malene Charlotte Larsen in Academic, Blog.

Today “My PhD Blog” can celebrate its second birthday. Exactly two years ago I started blogging about my PhD project and interrelated subjects. So far this has resulted in 90 posts and more than 300 comments, which is okay. (This year I have been less active than in 2007.)

Originally, I created this blog “in order to keep track of my thoughts, my work, my inspiration, my ideas and my research“, which I think I have succeeded in. However, looking back I can see that I am also blogging a lot about topics related to youth and online social networking in general (which I guess is also empirical data).

At this point I have exactly one year left of my PhD scholarship. That also means that 2009 will be devoted to writing my dissertation. I still plan to blog now and then and I hope that the blog can be useful in what will undoubtedly be a frustrating and tough process from time to time…

Happy New Year to all readers of “My PhD Blog”!

And here are some momentary stats from the blog:



1. Helen Hickson - January 25, 2009

Hello – my name is Helen and I am a Social Worker and a PhD student, in Australia. I just wanted to say congratulations on your fantastic blog – well done.



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