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My PhD Blog Stats December 31, 2007

Posted by Malene Charlotte Larsen in Academic, Blog.

Today it is exactly one year since I started “My PhD Blog” and it is time to do a little status update.

I have written 52 blog posts during this one year period. That equals one blog post per week,which I think is acceptable. Especially, considering the fact that I only blog about my activities as a PhD student or subjects related to youth and online social networking.

Here are some other blog stats provided by WordPress:




As for my PhD project, I must admit that this first year of the project period has gone by extremely fast. I am amazed at how much time goes by with non-project related stuff – such as teaching, supervising, reading and answering e-mails, attending meetings and network activities, writing papers and articles, giving talks, attending conferences and PhD courses, giving press interviews and other stuff. All of which are really exciting activities, but only very peripherally related to my project.

When it comes to my project I have been engaged in data collecting. I have conducted two qualitative online questionnaires which altogether generated more than 3000 answers. Moreover, I have been doing different kind of ethnographic studies. I would label it “ethnography” rather than “virtual ethnography”, because some of my data collection take place outside cyberspace. Actually, the more I think about it, I dislike to concept of “virtual ethnography” or “online ethnography”, because I think that online social networking cannot be separated from offline life. That is something I will get back to in a later blog post. Among other things, I am working on a concept I call “nexus ethnography”. But more about that in the new year.

I hope that 2008 will be a productive year and I look forward to blog about my activities.

Happy New Year to all.

New article December 20, 2007

Posted by Malene Charlotte Larsen in Articles, Social Networking, Youth.
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I have a new, small article out in the December newsletter from Insafe on social networking. The article is in English (for once) and is called “It’s all about real life: On youth and online social networking”. Here I present some of the results from the survey I have been doing in collaboration with The Danish Media Council for Children and Young People.

Read the article here.

Idols and YouTube combined in SNS December 11, 2007

Posted by Malene Charlotte Larsen in Arto, Social Networking.

Arto recently launched “Arto Idol” as part of their social network site. Here the users can participate in an online talent show (similar to “Scenen er din”, “American Idol” or “Britain’s Got Talent”) within six categories. Each month the site will elect the 10 best participants in the competition.

It is possible for the users to comment on each other’s videos – very much similar to YouTube. What strikes me so far is that the users comment really positively on each other’s videos. This is similar to the positive and loving atmosphere that can be found in their use of the picture galleries or in their profile texts (as I have written about in this article). I will definitely keep an eye on this new initiative. Does anyone know of something similar in other countries?

Check out Arto Idol here.

Yet another PhD defence December 10, 2007

Posted by Malene Charlotte Larsen in Aalborg University, Academic, PhD.
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Another colleague of mine, Marianne Georgsen from e-Learning Lab, is defending her PhD thesis this week. This will take place Wednesday at the Department of Education, Learning and Philosophy.

Here is a short description of the thesis (in Danish):

Afhandlingen handler om kommunikationens rolle i samarbejdsprocessen, med særlig vægt
på kommunikationens betingelser, når samarbejdet medieres af IKT. Der sættes fokus på
betingelserne for den videomedierede interaktion og på identifikation af de ressourcer,
brugerne tager i anvendelse for at kunne samarbejde i virtuelle omgivelser.

Read the whole summery or see the invitation.

Good luck to Marianne 🙂