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Twittering from Social Media PhD Course June 24, 2009

Posted by Malene Charlotte Larsen in Academic, PhD, Twitter.

I’m attending a PhD course on “Social Media: Analysing Identity, Sociality and Creativity in Online Networked Environments“. Some of us are twittering using the hashtag #PhDsmc. Feel free to follow 🙂


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2. Dani - July 13, 2009

because you are media expert and i read your blog i would like to share 2 interesting thing which we have used in our struggle with political system of dictators.after Iran presidential election which we believe it was big fraud we have started cyber war with Islamic Republic of Iran government.first of all because they used mass filtration to prevent young generation to get access to information so first of all we used our social chains to transfer information.afterward we used DDOS.this is a kind of social internet attack to government propaganda websites.for example 50,000 internet users using websites which refresh or reboot their websites.every 1 second.after demonstration government released photo of protesters in http://www.gerdab.ir which established by intelligence service.they announced their e-mail and asked every one who knows protesters mail us place of live of them.so again we started to subscribe their e-mail address in every where which send junk information for them,for example their e-mail address(info@gerdab.ir) has subscribed in porno websites,newsletters,casino and even they reported as a abuse.beside of all internet hackers have tried to hack their website but because they employed best computer experts it have n`t been happened yet.their e-mail address became spam.
with best regards,

3. subscribe monkey fan - July 16, 2009

i love your blog dont stop blogging


4. Jhonny O. Pérez A. - July 22, 2009

Im finishing now my MSc thesis about sociopolitical WiFi elements at Caracas city. Im looking for PHD courses, and i see “social media” as good to make it. Can you give some info about your institute. Thanks a lot.

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