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PhD course: The analytical leap October 5, 2008

Posted by Malene Charlotte Larsen in Academic, Methodology, PhD.

The next couple of days I am attending a PhD course called “The analytical leap: Knowledge production in communication research” with Adele E. Clarke, author of “Situational Analysis. Grounded theory after the Post-Modern Turn”. The course is arranged by the The Danish National Research School for Media, Communication, and Journalism (FMKJ) and the purpose of the course is to:

… put the participants through a number of processes, which will sharpen their own methodological reflections in relation to analysis of their qualitative empirical data-material in their phd-research.

I am looking forward to the course, as I am planning to use Situational Analysis in my PhD project and I could definetly use some methodological guiding.



1. Reut - October 6, 2008

Out of sight – Alt + F4

2. drbutterfly - October 8, 2008


I accidently found your blog. When I found it, I decided to start my own here at word press. I am a PhD student at the University of Maryland-Theater and Literacy Education. I was glad to find your blog, because I had just told myself that I wanted to start a blog about my PhD journey. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and thanks for sharing.


3. Britta Bohlinger - October 8, 2008

Hi Malene, I am looking forwad to meeting you next week @AoIR in DK and found the lastest entries of your blog very interesting – just finishing a research methods course which focused on grounded theory and ethics in the broader context of ethnographic research – very useful and with hindsight I would say methodological guidance cannot be overrated – I hope you will be sharing some of your insights here in the near future. Best, Britta

4. Malene Charlotte Larsen - October 10, 2008

@ drbutterfly: great, good luck with the PhD work.

@ Britta: your right, methodology is very important. At least in the kind of project I’m doing. If I have the time, I will blog about the outcomes of the PhD course – or at least some of the reflections that came up. See you next week.

5. queen - October 17, 2008

um i just want to know is it going to be hard to reach my PHD

6. acetate monkey - May 28, 2009

HI Malene,
I know this entry is old now but I wondered how you’d got on with situational analysis? I’m using it for my PhD and there isn’t a lot of published work to compare my feeble attempts with. I think it’s a beautiful concept so really want to do it jutsice. how did you get on at the workshop?

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