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A good day November 20, 2007

Posted by Malene Charlotte Larsen in Aalborg University, Academic, PhD.

Thomas’ PhD defence on Friday was a nice experience and I think it went really well. It started out with a short introduction by supervisor Lone Dirckinck-Holmfeld whereupon Thomas gave his 45 minute presentation explaining the patchworking metaphor as a way of understanding learning. After that the members of the assessment committee each had some time to ask critical questions such as “What is learning?”, “What is the difference between ‘learning’ and ‘doing’?”, “How close is patchworking to technology?”, “Is patchworking general to all group work processes?” and “Can individual learning also be viewed as patchworking?”.

I know that some people in the audience thought that the questions were rather hard and critical, but Thomas managed to keep a cool head during the whole defence and he answered all the questions in a reflective and intelligent manner.

Therefore – not surprisingly – the assessment committee gave him a really nice evaluation afterwards urging him to develop his concepts into a theory and a book. All in all, it was a really good day which ended with a nice dinner and a party at out home for supervisors, assessment committee, family and friends.


1. Thomas Ryberg - November 20, 2007

Thanks for the mention and summary :-). It was a very good day and I think that the audience and especially the committee members helped me to make it a memorable day for me – so thanks to all…I might later post some sound recordings and the slides…whenever I get the time (and no – I am unfortunately not on vacation)

2. phdblogmeister - November 25, 2007

Way to go Thomas!

3. Marisa Ponti - January 11, 2008

I am late, but better late than never to congratulate with Thomas!
Hej Dr. Ryberg, good for you! you finally made it and I am very happy for you. I hope to see you again in the near future,

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