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Girls spend more time online than boys November 9, 2007

Posted by Malene Charlotte Larsen in Children, Internet, Online.

Danish girls between the age of 10 and 14 years old are considered to be “heavy users” when it comes to time consumption on the internet. New figures from The Association of Danish Internet Media (FDIM) show that girls within this age group spend in average 11 hours a month on Danish sites (which are part of the official measurement of internet traffic) whereas boys between 10 and 14 years old “only” spend in average seven hours.

Among the most popular sites for both sexes are Arto, MSN and DR (meaning that those are the sites with the biggest “reach” within the target group of 10-14-year-old’s).

The 10-14 year old girls are most heavily represented on:

  1. Vi Unge
  2. GoSupermodel
  3. Arto

whereas the 10-14 year old boys are most heavily represented on:

  1. Vix
  2. Arto
  3. The Voice

compared to their representation on the internet in general.

The figures also show that the average female Arto user between 10-14 spend slightly more that 13 hours a month on the site, whereas the average male user between 10-14 spend a little under 10 hours a month on Arto.

Read the article from FDIM here and see the figures and measurements here.

(NOTE: These figures are solely based on internet traffic in July 2007, they only measure traffic on Danish sites (and not the international ones that Danish children are using) and only traffic on the sites which are members of FDIM).


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2. Jared Matfess - November 12, 2007

That’s a very interesting article, I am curious if I can find similar data on American “tweens”.



3. taniya - November 15, 2007

This content is very interesting.now a days internet is becoming more and more popular so there is a chance for the people to grow their business by generating more internet traffic
and advertising their product through internet.

4. Anthony - January 15, 2008

That is strange. I always thought that the guy spends more time on the net since they are the one skipping lots of classes….(btw – I am a guy)

5. Melvin - February 28, 2008

Very interesting and helpful post.
I add your blog in my Google Reader! 😉

6. Martens - April 4, 2010

What were your parents like?

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