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Focusing on youth and social networking July 10, 2007

Posted by Malene Charlotte Larsen in Social Networking, Youngsters, Youth Culture.

I want to thank all of you who e-mailed me about my article ‘35 Perspectives on Online Social Networking‘ and also those who commented on the article at Social Computing Magazine or Slashdot. I found many of the comments to be really interesting and adding further perspectives to the discussion.

I can see from the comments that many people find that I focus too much on youth in the article. In this regard I would like to stress that my research is on young people’s use of social networking sites and therefore the article is only concerned with that. Actually, the list presented should be viewed as a list of ’35 Perspectives on Youngsters and Online Social Networking’ reflecting the many different ‘voices’ we are currently experiencing in Denmark when it comes to online social networking and youth.

As mentioned earlier the list is mostly based on my own experiences with the subject in Denmark where the concept of ‘social networking’ is just now starting to spread to the whole population. I find that up until now we have been going through a ‘moral panic phase’ where (the majority of) the older generation – the digital immigrants to use Prensky’s terms – have been worried about the use of SNS by the younger generation, the digital natives. But I think that social networking sites are starting to get a grip on the general public and when that happens it will be interesting to explore what (new) perspectives will emerge…


1. Diane - August 4, 2009

Hi Marlene

just cam across your PHD blog, whilst searching for some info for my masters in which I am looking at engaging young people positively through social networking sites (from a youth worker point of view). I couldn’t access the link to ’35 perspectives…, but would be interested to read it. Could you let me see a copy please

Many thanks

2. Jebaraj - February 11, 2011

Im also trying to access your article but I could not. pls give me the link to my id jebanancy@gmail.com


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[…] Charlotte, Malene. 2007. “Focusing on Youth and Social Networking.” My PhD Blog, July 10. Accessed on April 28, 2012. https://malenel.wordpress.com/2007/07/10/focusing-on-youth-and-social-networking/ […]

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