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25 perspectives on social networking June 1, 2007

Posted by Malene Charlotte Larsen in Social Networking.

Last night I was out giving one of my Arto-lectures on a school in Aalborg. This is always a nice input in everyday academic life making me see new approaches to social networking. The comments and questions from the people in the audience, who were mainly school teachers and principals, made me think of the many different ways to view social networking sites.

Therefore, here are twenty-five perspectives on online social networking:

  1. The consumer perspective
    Social networking sites are money-making machines creating a need for added value among young people causing them to spend all their pocket money on extra features such as VIP profiles, widgets, gifts for friends and so on.
  2. The youth perspective
    Social networking sites are places that help young people be young and let them “practice” youth. Therefore, the sites are mainly a reflection of youth culture.
  3. The friendship perspective
    Social networking sites are places where young people can maintain and nurse their existing (offline) friendships and create new (online) friendships.
  4. The identity perspective
    Social networking sites are spaces for identity construction. Here, young people are continuously constructing, re-constructing and displaying their self-image and identity. Also, the network sites make them co-constructors of each other’s identities.
  5. The body and sex perspective
    Social networking sites are sexual playgrounds for young people where they portray themselves in a provocative or soft porn-style manner. It is all about appearance and body making the youngsters superficial and shallow.
  6. The paedophile and predator perspective
    Social networking sites are an eldorado for paedophiles and predators who want to harm young people. The people behind the sites are not in control of safety and do not put enough effort into keeping predators out of the sites.
  7. The bullying perspective
    Social networking sites are places where young people bully and threaten each other and the sites are reinforcing and urging bullying between young people.
  8. The reassurance perspective
    Social networking sites are forums for reassurance and confirmatory messages between young people constantly reminding them that they are all right and someone likes them.
  9. The genre perspective
    Social networking sites are places where young people imitate and copy different genres, e.g. fashion magazines, music videos, song lyrics, commercials etc. which can be found in their profile texts.
  10. The branding perspective
    Social networking sites are places where young people learn the mechanism of branding and learn to sell and brand themselves in a positive manner.
  11. The network perspective
    Social networking sites are places where young people learn the crucial importance of being able to network which they can benefit from in their future professional life.
  12. The love perspective
    Social networking sites allow young people to express themselves in a loving manner, thus creating a space for a love discourse that do not exist outside cyberspace.
  13. The source critique perspective
    Social networking sites force young people to be sceptical of what they see and read online. They know that people can create faker profiles which make them extra aware of the identity of the people they communicate with.
  14. The sincerity perspective
    Social networking sites make young people present themselves in a sincere manner in order to avoid being mistaken for a faker. This also creates a sincerity discourse among the users and people who do not follow this are disciplined.
  15. The democratic perspective
    Social networking sites are places that allow young people to have a voice in society. Here, they can be heard and express their opinions.
  16. The materialistic perspective
    Social networking sites are all about materialism and about having the right brands. Youngsters need to be successful with the right clothes and things in order to be accepted on social networking sites.
  17. The language perspective
    Social networking sites aggravate the written language of young people. They develop bad habits of misspelling on purpose, which makes them unable to write correctly. On the other hand, their online language is really creative and they do know how to tell right from wrong.
  18. The public perspective
    Social networking sites are “open diaries” of young people, but they do not think about the fact that the whole world can read their text and see their pictures online.
  19. The surveillance perspective
    Social networking sites are surveillance. Everything young people write online are saved and can be used (against them) by marketing people, future employers and so on.
  20. The group work perspective
    Social networking sites reinforce group work mechanism and young people often work together on profiles and are often willing to help each other.
  21. The time consuming perspectives
    Social networking sites are places where young people spend way to much time preventing them from preforming healthy spare time activities such as sports and outdoor time.
  22. The anti-social perspective
    Social networking sites make young people anti-social and incapable of communication with others face to face. They loose important social competences.
  23. The social perspective
    Social networking sites make young people more social and help them communicate with others. Especially, the sites help youngsters cope with shyness or loneliness.
  24. The generation-gap perspective
    Social networking sites are creating a greater gap between young people and adults such as their parents and teachers who do not understand the youngsters’ need to be online all the time.
  25. The learning perspective
    Social networking sites are places where young people gain important IT competences such as HTML design, layout and graphics.

I have touched upon many of these perspectives during my research, but some of the views are still to be explored. However, I must say that I certainly do not agree with all of the mentioned perspectives, but some of them do represent the opinions (or prejudices) I hear when I am out giving lectures to adults.

Can anyone think of other perspectives?


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2. Golagha - June 1, 2007

Interesting! Could you plese provide a reference? Or is it just your ideas?

3. Malene Charlotte Larsen - June 1, 2007

Hi Golagha,
Yeah, these are my ideas. One reference could be my thesis (Larsen, 2005) where I write a lot about the identity perspective, the love perspective, the sincerity perspective, the body perspective, the branding perspective and the friendship perspective which are based on my ethnographical study on http://www.arto.dk. Also, I have been talking about the other perspectives in my lectures on young people and online social networking.

4. Golagha - June 5, 2007

Thanks for info. Unfortunately they seem to be Danish. 🙂 I can not understand even a word. :-/ Thanks anyway.

5. Kelli Matthews - June 6, 2007


Great list! I would love to read your thesis in English if ever available. kmatthew(at)oregon.edu

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7. Malene Charlotte Larsen - June 7, 2007

Hi Kelli and Golagha,
I’m not sure if I will ever have my thesis translated into English (it’s more than 400 pages). There is however an English abstract in the thesis (page 6-8).

At the moment I am working on a paper for the aoir-konference in Vancuver in October. So I will definitely have new papers on the subject coming up.

8. BizToo - June 12, 2007

Very interesting article! What you have to say about business social networking?

Global Entrepreneurs Social Network

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13. erasmusa - June 17, 2007

Thanks for sharing this. I’ll be working on my MA dissertation soon, and this makes me feel positive about working on it. Good to discover a Danish blog in English, too.

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15. jeremy hunsinger - June 18, 2007

I’m seeing more and more of this concept of ‘my ideas’…. I find it to be interesting that I could probably drop 3-10 citation on almost every category above, but yet they remain yours…. Perhaps it is remix culture, but I’m not sure there is a category of ‘my ideas’ above, just your composition of many ideas. Certainly it is great and noteworthy, and I appreciate the efforts, but the rhetorical position of ‘mine’ is to me… problematic.

16. Malene Charlotte Larsen - June 18, 2007

Hi Jeremy,
I see what you mean. Perhaps “my ideas” was the wrong choice of words when responding to the first question. What I meant was that these were just my thoughts when trying to put together the many different perspectives that people have on online social networking and youth. I certainly did not mean to say that I had come up with every single perspective.

I was however trying to explain to Golagha that it was “my idea” to map all of the different perspectives in a list (and thereby creating “a composition of many ideas”) and that I did not have a reference for it (the list, that is) in form of an article, a book etc.

That being said I actually primarily had my own experiences with Danish social networking sites in mind when writing the list, including:
1) My analysis of the biggest social networking site for youngsters in Denmark, http://www.arto.dk.
2) My empirical data (participatory observations, interviews, questionnaires).
3) The questions and comments I get from parents, teachers etc. when I’m out giving talks on Arto.
4) The Danish media coverage of social networking sites.

The many different perspectives do belong to different actors (see part II of the list.)

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27. link - October 28, 2007


wonderful post

28. toksee - February 1, 2008

There may be an integration/acceptance/tolerance perspective. As people join different groups and see that people have different interests that they relate to, they may find that they have more a common bond with those they may have never thought they had a bond with without the benefit of both being in the same group.

29. ahndunk - February 18, 2008

Hi Malene, can I ask you something..
Why I can’t get a lot of traffic although I bookmark my blog through social bookmarking site like onlywire.com?

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32. Rhyo - May 10, 2008

Never thought about so many perspectives of social notworks

33. Natasha - May 30, 2008

this is a very good set of perspectives

34. Essay on Frontline « Vanathy13’s Weblog - June 9, 2008
35. Burak - September 16, 2008

In my opinion, there are some important facts about social networking.
They keep collecting information in every detail they can.Privacy is beeing harrassed and damaged, and in the near future people can face with really serious problems… (not just simple spams, more serious than that)

Check out this article what I mean is really clear :


36. Renjith - October 3, 2008
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38. Social Software Guy - March 12, 2009

I’m forwarding this link to our team of social networking website designers. Some Great perspectives here.

Thanks & Take Care.
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39. somsun kanyalong - February 14, 2011

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41. creepsquash - November 19, 2011

Intresting. Social networks can be dangerous.


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54. Cherie Keri - September 30, 2017

I do like the way you have framed this particular difficulty plus it does indeed present me personally some fodder for consideration. On the other hand, from what I have experienced, I simply hope when other comments pile on that people today keep on point and in no way get started on a soap box regarding the news of the day. Anyway, thank you for this exceptional point and even though I do not really concur with it in totality, I respect the standpoint.

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