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The digital generation gap: A classic example May 3, 2007

Posted by Malene Charlotte Larsen in Generation gap, MySpace, Social networking sites.

Is there really a huge generation gap between youngsters and their parents when it comes to new media? I’m not sure. However, many parents seem to have a hard time understanding their children’s use of new social media and especially social networking sites.

On Carolyn Shelby’s blog I just read a classic example of this. A parent who is in no way up-to-date with MySpace where his step-daughter has created a profile. The father is worried because an old pervert is trying to pick up his daughter:

“It’s some guy named Tom, and his profile says he’s 31.”

Read the post and find out who the old pervert is here 🙂



1. ginna - September 13, 2009

dats so unrighteous

2. donna - September 13, 2009

dats so disgusting, dishonest and he should be thrown life in prison with no parole.

3. donna - September 13, 2009

plus he aint look good and proberly will never.

4. donna - September 13, 2009


5. rapidleech - January 15, 2011

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